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Easy Insight and DEAR Systems Documentation


Once you have an Easy Insight account, you can create a connection to DEAR Systems through the Connections page. Click on the DEAR Systems connection. You'll need to enter your Account ID and Account API key. Your Account ID and Account API Key can be found inside the DEAR Inventory Application at https://inventory.dearsystems.com/ExternalAPI. Easy Insight will initially pull over the last two full months of data, then load the remaining data in the background.

When you first install your connection to DEAR Systems in Easy Insight, you'll get a prebuilt dashboard with a variety of reports to help you get started. You can customize any of these reports or replace them with your own. For more information about prebuilt reports in DEAR, see Prebuilt Templates in DEAR.

How often does the connection pull over data?

Your connection is refreshed on a nightly basis. You can control when the refresh happens through the Scheduling page. If your account is on the Professional tier or higher, you can set up near real time reports at a 5 minute interval.