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Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Easy Setup for Quick Results

In a matter of clicks, pull in your e-commerce channels, inventory, shipping, and accounting products. Look at sales patterns to identify what products are getting hotter or colder and compare that data to your stock levels and incoming purchases to avoid stockouts.

Track Sales and Stock by Sizes and Colors

Automatically parse out size and color information from SKUs, then set up reports to look at what sizes and colors are your bestsellers. Use the same tracking to look at the sales and stock of products across all sizes or colors.

Stock, Dropship, or Manufacture?

Set up snapshots of your monthly inventory if you stock your own warehouses. Easily track your dropship purchase orders in combination with the rest of your data and calculate dropship COGS to get a clear idea of costs. If you manufacture your own apparel, track raw materials and ensure you have all the product components you need.

Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

For more about how Easy Insight can help your apparel and footware business, take a look at our Manufacturers and E-Commerce page.

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