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Define User Roles

Create roles restricting which rows of data a particular user can see. For example, you might have a hierarchy of agent, manager, and director, where each agent can see their own data, each managers can see the data of multiple agents, and each director can see the data of multiple directors. You can define these roles and seamlessly apply them to what each user see when they look at Easy Insight.

Avoid Dashboard Copies

By applying these roles to what each user sees, you avoid having to create numerous copies of the same dashboard, filtered down to a particular user. You can maintain a single dashboard, reducing your administrative overhead while still ensuring users can see their appropriate data.

Provide Client Dashboards

You can use data level security to easily provide dashboards to your clients, applying the same roles to the client users. For example, you could set up a dashboard of ongoing project progress and make that available to each of your customers, with each customer only seeing their own data.

Add Permissions Where Otherwise Unsupported

If you have a connection to a system that doesn't otherwise allow for fine grained access restrictions, you can use Easy Insight to apply those restrictions and provide out reports accordingly. For example, if you want to limit the data produced out of Xero reports based on client or tracking category, you could set those permissions and provide filtered reports to the appropriate team members.

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