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Provide affordable, easy to use reports and dashboards to your clients

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Add Dashboards for your Clients

Take the SaaS products you already use with your clients and add beautiful dashboards to keep them informed.

Affordable Reports and Dashboards

Provide your clients with a business intelligence tool that doesn't break the bank.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Have complex reports that you just can't easily create? Use Easy Insight to quickly solve those issues for your clients.

Easily Add Business Intelligence to your existing SaaS

Whether you're implementing project management, CRM, support, finances, or inventory, Easy Insight provides a service to help get your clients the reports and dashboards they need. Our powerful reports can help solve data problems that you're currently wrestling with in numerous Excel or Google sheets, but without giving your clients sticker shock when it comes to pricing.

Training and Priority Support

Our client services team will make sure you're able to deliver those reports and dashboards to your client, without requiring you to spend a lot of time learning the product. Our support team is there to help you quickly get past problems and ensure a timely delivery of what the client needs.

Revenue Share

Our implementation partners receive 20% of the subscription and professional services revenue from the clients they bring in.

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