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Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Visibility Across Projects

Never question where your team is with a project. Easy Insight pairs seamlessly with other project management tools so you have the utmost visibility into what's happening across all your projects. Track performance, look for overdue or unassigned tasks, and take your projects from creation to completion faster and with more ease than ever before.

Custom Fields to Categorize Data

Consolidated Reports are made easy with our custom fields option. Create teams to categorize your team members and limit reporting to a particular team at a time, making things laser-focused for your managers.

Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Upcoming Work Dashboard

Manage Resource Allocation

Delegate with ease and take the guesswork out of resource planning. View capacity requests, upcoming projects, and overdue assignments with a click of a button, ensuring your team has the bandwidth to take on new projects that clients are asking you for.

Schedule Update Emails

Before your cup of coffee is even finished in the morning, your managers and team members can have visibility on project status or overdue tasks with recurring emails. Set up and schedule reports to only go out if the report has data, enabling your team to get to overdue tasks more efficiently.

Report Email Example

Combine with Time Tracking and Accounting Systems

Pull in time tracking data from your time tracking systems such as Everhour or Tick to consolidate project reporting across your agency. Integrations to common accounting systems such as Freshbooks, Xero, or Quickbooks Online help you to add client financial reporting and invoicing to your data as well.

Set Goals

Never lose sight of your team's hours again. Set up daily, weekly, or monthly hour goals for your team ensuring they stick on task and within billable hours. Validation reports will warn of overages before they result in unhappy clients facing unexpected bills saving your business time and saving you, headaches.

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