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Custom Reports and Dashboards in Easy Insight

Report Editor

Create Custom Reports

Build your own custom reports with Easy Insight's report builder. Create tables, charts, maps, diagrams, and more. Add a wide variety of filters to pare down your data.

Build Custom Dashboards

Take your custom reports and add them to existing prebuilt dashboards or onto entire new dashboards of your creation. Create department level dashboards so that purchasing has their own dashboard, sales has their own dashboard, and so on.

Custom Dashboard
Customized Look and Feel Dashboard

Customize Report Appearance

Change the color scheme and font to match your organization's standards. Add your company logo to your reports and dashboards. Add conditional formatting to highlight values meeting certain criteria and ensure that the end user of the report sees what matters.

Use Scripting

Create custom calculations to calculate margins, find the number of days between two days, use regular expressions to parse values out of your data, or meet any other more complex scripting requirements.

Custom Field Scripting
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