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Data Integration and Transformation

Join Different Sources

Combine different data sources to enable reporting across your entire business. Add reports from different systems together into a single dashboard or join the underlying data sources together to create reports on unified data.

Unify Similar Sources

Have multiple Smartsheet tables or Zoom accounts that you want to unify into a single view? You can also use Easy Insight to merge multiple copies of the same data structure, seamlessly creating reports across the combined data as though it were one source.

Apply Transformations

Easy Insight contains extensive capabilities around transforming the data so that you can get the accurate reports you need out of data that may need some amount of cleaning. Create reports that apply a variety of logic to the data, then transform those reports directly into data sources themselves.

Cache Transformed Data

Once you've built your transformations, you can cache the results to ensure that reports run quickly. Caches are auto updated as your data refreshes within Easy Insight.

Swap Products

By building an abstraction layer of transformations in Easy Insight, you can swap out the underlying connections without breaking your dashboards. Switch from one inventory fulfillment system to another? Just update the transformation report to point at the new inventory system.

You can also use Easy Insight to bridge the historical reporting gap as you migrate from one system to another. You might have years of valuable customer information in your legacy ERP that you want to merge with the new data from your updated system. Easy Insight can help you to create reports that span the two and ensure that you don't lose that critical history.

Copy Data Between Systems

Use validation reports to ensure that SKUs are in sync across all of your systems. Make sure that product names, descriptions, and prices are all synchronized to ensure that you don't get a nasty surprise from a data error or a failed update. Filter down to products with a certain margin and track your sales by SKU or product category across your entire business.

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