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Forecast Purchasing and Materials

In a single dashboard, look at forecasted monthly or daily demand and inventory on stock. Update your forecast with seasonality. Calculate safety stock values and look at inventory turnover to identify overstocked items. Keep an eye on your purchases, their estimated arrivals, and trends in lead times by supplier. Calculate materials needed for your manufacturing or assembly to make sure you're not short stocked on a critical component.

Stockout Tracking and Inventory Turnover

Calculate stockout rates to find products that are frequently out of stock, calculate inventory turnover rates to find overstocked items, and blend the two to find the sweet spot where you're stocking just the right amount. Visualize your forecast information as charts to make outlying SKUs stand out and get your attention before they start costing you money.

Inventory Forecast Charts
Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Add Sales History for Accurate Forecasts

Did you use one or more systems before you got onto your current inventory management platform? Take that valuable sales history as CSV or database data, import it into Easy Insight, and use that history to more accurately calculate seasonality and monthly demand.

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