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Less Annoying CRM in Easy Insight

Data Flow

When you create the connection to Less Annoying CRM from Easy Insight, Easy Insight pulls over and stores CRM data from your Less Annoying CRM system. The data stored covers contacts and leads.

Getting Started

To get started, click on Less Annoying CRM connection in the Connections page on your Easy Insight account. You'll need to specify your User Code and API token. Both can be found under Settings -> Programmer API in your Less Annoying CRM interface:

Less Annoying CRM Setup

Once you click on Create, Easy Insight will start pulling data over. Depending on the size of your Less Annoying CRM account, this may take anywhere from being nearly instant to taking an hour.

Once data finishes coming across, you'll be redirected to a basic prebuilt dashboard to help get you started. This dashboard includes contacts created by month, contacts by industry, and a list of contacts:

Prebuilt Dashboard

You can click on the data elements in any of the reports to drill in for more information. For example, clicking on the chart of contacts by industry will take you into the contact list for contacts by that particular industry.

Given how flexible Less Annoying CRM is, the real power of the integration comes from building custom reports. You can create custom reports on the data by clicking on the Create button on your Less Annoying CRM data source page and choosing Create New Report.

When you click on Choose Field in the report editor, you'll see your contact fields, including all custom fields, and all custom lead fields:

Field Selection

You can add these different fields to build a report. For example, changing the report type to Pie and adding two custom fields from leads, Sales Rep and Value, gives the following pie chart for our demo data:

Sample Pie Chart

For more information, please see Creating Reports.


How often does the connection pull over data?

Your connection is refreshed on a nightly basis. You can control when the refresh happens through the Scheduling page.

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