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Shopify in Easy Insight

Data Flow

When you create the connection to Shopify from Easy Insight, Easy Insight pulls over and stores data from your Shopify system. The data stored covers products, sales, customers, and locations.

Getting Started

You'll need to create a private app in Shopify in order for Easy Insight to connect. To do this, go into Shopify and click on Apps:

Shopify Private App

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Manage private apps:

Shopify Private App

On the next page, click the Create a new private app button:

Shopify Private App

Give your app a name and provide your contact email address.

Click 'Show inactive Admin API permissions':

Choose 'Read Access' for the following permissions:

  • Analytics
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Locations
  • Orders
  • Product listings
  • Products
  • Reports

Click Save to create the app, then get the API key and password from the Admin API section:

You can now connect to Shopify from Easy Insight using the store name and the API key and password:

Once data finishes coming across, you'll be redirected to a prebuilt dashboard to help get you started. This dashboard includes an income statement, as well as reports on revenue, expenses, invoices, and payments.

You can click on the data elements in any of the reports to drill in for more information. For example, clicking on the amount owed in a view of accounts receivables will take you to a list of invoices, and from the list of the invoices, you can click back to specific invoices in Xero.

You can create custom reports on the data as well by clicking on the Create button and choosing Create New Report. For more information, please see Creating Reports.


How often does the connection pull over data?

Your connection is refreshed on a nightly basis. You can control when the refresh happens through the Scheduling page.

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