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Hubspot in Easy Insight

Data Flow

When you create the connection to Hubspot from Easy Insight, Easy Insight pulls over and stores contact, company, deal, and engagement data from your Hubspot system. Data is synchronized on a nightly basis or on demand, with a real time connection coming soon.

Getting Started

To get started, click on the Hubspot connection in the Connections page on your Easy Insight account. Click on Authorize Access and you'll be redirected to Hubspot to grant access to Easy Insight. On returning to Easy Insight, the connection will start pulling over data. The time required for the initial data pull will depend on how much data is in your Hubspot system.

Once data finishes coming across, you'll be redirected to a prebuilt dashboard to help get you started. This dashboard includes historical reports of sales performance, pipeline visualization, seasonality reports, and more.

You can click on the data elements in any of the reports to drill in for more information. For example, clicking on a chart bar in the expected deal value chart on the Pipeline tab will pull the list of deals making up that column.

You can create custom reports on the data as well by clicking on the Create button and choosing Create New Report. For more information, please see Creating Reports.

By default, the connection only pulls data into Easy Insight. You can also choose to make it a two way connection by clicking on 'Enable Two Way Connection'. If enabled, you can write data back to your Hubspot directly from your reports. For more information, see https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/two_way/two_way_connections.html.

You can delete the connection by going to Home, clicking the checkbox next to the Hubspot data source, and doing 'Delete Selected Data Sources'.

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