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Easy Insight and Amazon SellerCentral Documentation


Once you have an Easy Insight account, you can create a connection to Amazon SellerCentral through the Connections page. Click on the Amazon SellerCentral connection. Click on Authorize Access and you'll be redirected to Amazon. Grant access and you'll be redirected back to Easy Insight and it'll start to load the data for your connection. Once finished, you'll be taken to a prebuilt dashboard. You can customize any of these reports on this dashboard or replace them with your own.

Prebuilt Dashboard

Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview

The overview provides you with a summary view across your system, covering sales, returns, settlements, and inventory age.

Sales trends help you compare sales of SKUs across different time periods to see how particular products are trending.

Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview
Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview

Seasonal trends shows you month over month sales across years, helping you to understand which months have the highest demand as you determine upcoming demand for forecasting.

The Returns page provides a variety of views of your return data.

Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview
Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview

The settlements page breaks down your settlements fees over time.

The settlements percentage page breaks down your settlements fees as a percentage of total over time.

Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview
Amazon SellerCentral Dashboard Overview

The inventory age page breaks out FBA inventory quantities by age and allows you to look at inventory recommendations from Amazon.

Custom Reports

When you click on Choose Field in the report editor, you'll see the various fields available to you from your Amazon SellerCentral data.

You can add these different fields to build a report. For example, changing the report type to Column, then adding Fulfillment Channel as the X Axis and Order Total as the measure, gives you a simple column chart.

For more information on building reports, please see Creating Reports.

More Features

Want to receive a list of top selling SKUs across your team every Monday? You can set up reports and dashboards as emails on a schedule. For more information on scheduling, see Scheduling Reports as Emails.

You can also combine your Amazon SellerCentral data with other connections, building reports and dashboards that combine your e-commerce data with your inventory, marketing, or accounting products. To learn how to combine data sources, see Combining Data Sources.

Make sure your users or clients can only see the information you want them to see, without creating numerous copies of reports. Learn how to set up data level security at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/account/data-level-security.html.


How often does the connection pull over data?

Your connection is refreshed on a nightly basis. You can control when the refresh happens through the Scheduling page.