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Scheduling Report Emails

To set up a report for recurring email delivery, start by clicking on the Add button and choose "Add Report Delivery."

Scheduling View
First, you'll need to choose which report you're emailing out and which format the emails should go out in:
1 Choose the report - choose the data source containing your report and choose the report itself
2 Output format - choose the output format for the email from the options of Excel, PDF, PNG, inline HTML, inline PNG, Slack, and Moxtra
3 Next - click on Next to proceed to the next step of configuration
Scheduling View
Next, you'll need to choose when the email should go out and who the email should go to:
1 Choose the interval - choose the interval for the email from the options of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Weekdays, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and Tuesday/Thursday
2 Choose the time - choose the time that the email should go out
3 Choose the sender - you can send emails either from reports@easy-insight.com or your own email. If you do use your own email, you may encounter email spoofing issues, so reports@easy-insight.com may be better to start with
4 Add recipients - you'll need at least one recipient on the email. You can add users from your Easy Insight account, email addresses, or Easy Insight groups to send to everyone in the group
5 Manage recipients - this list shows everyone currently on the email. You can select via the checkbox and click Delete Selected to remove recipients from the email
6 Next - click on Next to proceed to the last configuration step
Scheduling View
Finally, you'll need to configure the email itself:
1 Add link to report - click this link to insert a link to the report back in Easy Insight into the email body
2 Subject - enter a subject line for the email
3 Body - add any additional body text you want to appear before the report itself in the email
4 Save - creates and schedules the email!
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