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Scheduling Reports, Dashboards, and Refreshes

The Scheduling page in Easy Insight enables you to set up reports and dashboards for recurring email delivery and set up data sources for refreshing with the latest data. For example, you might want to email all sales activity for the prior week to your management team every Monday at 7 AM. You'll also typically want your data sources set up to automatically refresh on a nightly basis, to ensure that your reports are running on up to date data.

Scheduling View
From the Scheduling page, you can do the following:
1 Scheduling Filters - pare down the list of scheduled activities between emails, data source refreshes, and sequences
2 Data Sources With No Refresh - data sources where no refresh is set up
3 Add - adds a new scheduled email, refresh, or sequence
4 Schedule List - shows the list of all of your existing scheduled emails, refreshes, and sequences
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