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Zoom in Easy Insight

Data Flow

When you create the connection to Zoom from Easy Insight, Easy Insight pulls over and stores meeting and webinar data from your Zoom system. Data is synchronized on a nightly basis or on demand, with a real time connection coming soon.


You'll need at least a Pro version of your Zoom account which supports basic API functionality.

Getting Started

To get started, click on the Zoom connection in the Connections page on your Easy Insight account. Click on Authorize Access and you'll be redirected to Zoom to grant access to Easy Insight. On returning to Easy Insight, the connection will start pulling over data. The time required for the initial data pull will depend on how much data is in your Zoom system.

Once data finishes coming across, you'll be redirected to a prebuilt dashboard to help get you started. This dashboard includes historical reports of meetings and webinars across months, days of the week, and more, tabular views of meetings/webinars and participants, and a calendar showing what happened when based on host.

You can click on the data elements in any of the reports to drill in for more information. For example, clicking on the number of meetings per month will pull up the list of meetings. Clicking on View Participants on the meeting or webinar list will pull the list of participants who attended.

You can create custom reports on the data as well by clicking on the Create button and choosing Create New Report. For more information, please see Creating Reports.

You can delete the connection by going to Home, clicking the checkbox next to the Zoom data source, and doing 'Delete Selected Data Sources', or you may delete it from the Zoom marketplace.

If you need to reauthorize the connection for any reason (for example, moving the authorization to a different user on your account), go to your Zoom data source, click on Configuration -> All Configuration Options -> Zoom, and do Reauthorize Access.

For support questions, please contact support@easy-insight.com or 1-720-316-8174. You should receive a response within 24 hours if you email support@easy-insight.com.

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