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Field Rules

What are field rules for?

The main use of field rules is to define drillthroughs and URL links at a data source level. For example, you can do the following:

  • For all fields in your data source, drill through to a particular report
  • For all fields from data source Sales, drill through to the Sales detail report
  • New on Jan 5, 2022If the report contains any fields from data source Sales, drill through to the Sales Detail report
  • If the field is named Order Number, set up a URL link back to the source system based on Order Number

How do I customize field rules?

Navigate to the data source you want to define the rule against on the Home page. Click on Configuration, then click on Field Rules.

How do I define a field rule?

Click on Add Rule on the Field Rules window. Clicking on this button will pop up a window which enables you to define a rule of the form:

if (field matches this criteria) (perform this action on the field) (details of the action)

Available criteria are:

  • All Fields
  • Field is part of data source X
  • Any field in report is part of data source X
  • Field is tagged as X
  • Field is named X
  • Field is of type X (grouping, date, measure)

Available actions are:

  • Add a link (define a URL link or drillthrough)
  • Configure (customize report specific behavior)
  • Default date (set a default date for use in date comparison reports)
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