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Creating Snapshot Sources in Easy Insight

Snapshot data sources enable you to record the contents of a report into a data source that you can then use for historical reporting. For example, you could record inventory levels on a monthly basis in order to track warehouse trends.

First, you need to set up a report with the data that you're using for tracking history. In the case of the inventory history report example, you might add SKU, quantity in stock, and location. The report has to be a list report.

Once you have your report defined and saved, go to Connections -> Snapshot. Choose the data source containing the report, then choose the report. Finally, choose the date level you're recording the snapshot at--daily or monthly.

Upon clicking Create, Easy Insight will create the snapshot data source and save the current contents of the report. The snapshot source will be scheduled to refresh on a daily or monthly basis. You can then create reports on the snapshot data source, add it to a combined data source to join against your existing SKUs or other data, and so on.

Storage for snapshot data sources counts against your custom data limit and requires a Premium subscription to Easy Insight.

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