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Easy Insight and Cin7 Documentation


Once you have an Easy Insight account, you can create a connection to Cin7 through the Connections page. First, you'll need to create an API key in Cin7. You'll need to set up an API connection for Easy Insight through Settings, Integrations & API, API v1. Click on Add New API Connection, then add permissions for all Read operations. If you're using a two way connection, add permissions for Create/Update/Delete as necessary as well. Once you've set up thie API key, return to Easy Insight. Click on the Cin7 connection. Enter your API User and API key. Customer app link ID is an optional field to help create URL links back to your customer records from your Easy Insight reports. If you're migrating data from LOCATE into Cin7, make sure to check the 'Are you migrating data off of LOCATE?' checkbox before creating the connection.

When you first install your connection to Cin7 in Easy Insight, you'll get a prebuilt dashboard with a variety of reports to help you get started. You can customize any of these reports or replace them with your own. For more information about prebuilt reports in DEAR, see Prebuilt Templates in Cin7.

For more information on building reports, please see Creating Reports.

More Features

How often does the connection pull over data?

Your connection is refreshed on a nightly basis. You can control when the refresh happens through the Scheduling page. You can also set up near real time reports at a 5 minute interval.

What tier of Easy Insight is required for Cin7?

You'll need to have an account of at least the Professional level ($149 / mo).