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What's New with Easy Insight

We've made a number of user interface tweaks, added more recommended fields and field aliases to easily find the fields you need, added an option to pull in sales history from your e-commerce channels, and more!

We've updated drillthroughs on the prebuilt dashboards, added new ways to integrate data to your inventory connections, added the option to show the last refresh date of data on dashboards, and more!

We've added a variety of new forecasting options such as excluding certain orders and days, choosing reorder strategies, and creating purchase orders directly from Easy Insight. We've also added new options for managing your data source fields.

We've added a variety of new options for reporting on gross and net margins, added new connections to Walmart, The Iconic, Ship Logic, enhanced our trend grids, and more!

We're proud to have repeated our Cin7 Innovation in Technology award at the 2023 Cin7 Partner Summit this year! We've also made performance improvements, added an integration to Takealot, and added configuration for ClickUp custom fields.

We've made it easier to favorite reports, improved date filters, reworked our Finale Inventory integration, added a connection to Loop Returns, and added an option for real time stock retrieval on your reports.

For this month, we've added simple goals, a new trend chart report type, connections to Order Time and Google Analytics 4, and more!

We've added new connections to inFlow Inventory and SOS Inventory, forecasting functionality, inventory history reports, and more!

For this blog post, with improvements to dashboard filtering, drillthrough configuration options, warnings on drillthroughs and more Xero fields!

To kick off the new year, we have several new updates around helping you to copy data into a new inventory system, pull over historical sales data, update your CRM with links to Easy Insight dashboards, and more!

For this month, we've added options to pull in shipping and channel fee costs for net profit reporting, we've added inline field documentation, and more!

For this month, bulk field editing, percentages of total on tree reports, new DEAR and Katana fields, and more.

We're proud to have won the 2022 award for Cin7/DEAR Excellence in Innovation Technology!

For this month, we've got webinar recordings, new connections to Etsy and Square, and improvements to multi field choice filters!

For this month, we've got default folder tags on several of our connections, new DEAR fields, and more!

For this month, we've got new conditional formatting options, improvements to cascading tree reports, new DEAR fields, and more!

For this month, we've got export to Google Sheets, a dashboard table of contents, and more!

We've made several changes to help improve the Easy Insight user interface!

We've made a wide ranges of changes and improvements to the Amazon SellerCentral connection, added documentation and operators for Katana, added serial numbers, adjustments, and stock transfers for Cin7, and more!

Migrating off of LOCATE? We've added a variety of integrations to help you get your data into new systems. We've also added a recording of our Katana webinar, ongoing updates to prebuilt dashboards, a search for reports in the dashboard editor, and a new join option.

We've added a first version of goals, recipes and manufacturing to our Katana integration, and enhancements to drillthroughs.

We've improved our auto combined dashboard for e-commerce and inventory fulfillment, we've added purchase orders to Katana, we've added field to other connections, and more!

We've updated everyone to our new, cleaner interface. We've added data and reports to help you analyze your margins in DEAR. We've added location data in Katana so that you can build maps of your customers. And more!

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