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Forecasting Improvements, Field Management Options, and more!

Forecasting Improvements

Forecast Crosstab

We've made a number of major improvements and enhancements to our forecasting functionality:

  • Calculate consumption velocity as the average of multiple time periods. For example, you could calculate the average of your last 365 day, last 90 day, and last 30 day product velocities.
  • Choose orders to exclude from velocity calculations. For example, you could exclude certain large wholesale orders from your calculations.
  • Choose days to exclude from velocity calculations. You could exclude Black Friday or other big sale days from your calculations.
  • Choose whether to track a product's forecasting by location or across all locations in your inventory system.
  • Calculate reorder points based on safety stock calculations or based on minimum/maximum stock levels.
  • Create purchase orders directly from your Easy Insight reports.

Right now, these improvements have been made for Cin7 Core, Cin7 Omni, and Katana. We'll be adding these improvements to Finale Inventory, inFlow Inventory, Order Time Inventory, and SOS Inventory in the coming weeks. For more information, see Forecasting.

Field Management

We've added two new options for managing your fields in Easy Insight. First, you can now define field aliases. Field aliases allow you to rename fields on your data sources. For example, you could rename the 'Invoice/CR Line Total' field to 'Sales $', or you could rename fields to match with your language. For more information, see Field Alias Configuration.

You can also now configure a list of recommended fields to make field selection easier to manage. For example, you can pare the field list on some data sources down from hundreds of fields to a couple dozen that you actually use in your report development. For more information, see Recommended Field Configuration.

Cin7 Omni Product Custom Fields

Your custom fields for Cin7 Omni products should now be available for reports.

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