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LOCATE Migrations, Katana Webinar, Prebuilt Updates, Dashboard Editor Search, Multi Source Joins

Migrating off of LOCATE? We've added a variety of integrations to help you get your data into new systems. We've also added a recording of our Katana webinar, ongoing updates to prebuilt dashboards, a search for reports in the dashboard editor, and a new join option.

LOCATE Migration

If you're migrating your data off of LOCATE, we've added a variety of integration options to help you get your data onto new systems, preserve your historical LOCATE data, and create new dashboards that join data across both old and new.

Katana Webinar

Miss our webinar about building reports in Katana? You can check out the recording at https://www.easy-insight.com/katana-reports-webinar.html.

Prebuilt Updates

As we make improvements and fixes to prebuilt templates, these changes will now come across to your account on an ongoing basis. Once you change a report or dashboard, no further changes will come through to ensure that none of your own work is overwritten.

Dashboard Editor Search

You can now search for reports in the dashboard editor using a newly added text input across the reports in the left column of the dashboard editor.

Multi Source Joins

You can now set up multi source composite joins as a new join option. For example, if you're joining project and assignee from your project management system to a budget spreadsheet of project and assignee, you would choose multi source composite as the join type, choose project and assignee from the project management system as the source, and choose project and assignee from the spreadsheet as the target. With joins like this, you'll typically want to set a many to one cardinality as well, since you probably have numerous tasks feeding in on the source side against a single entry on the budget side.
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