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More Conditional Formatting, Cascading Tree Changes, and more!

For this month, we've got new conditional formatting options, improvements to cascading tree reports, new DEAR fields, and more!

Conditional Formatting Options

We've added a number of new conditional formatting options for your reports. For example, you can now display table cells as buttons instead of as text in order to help call out important drillthroughs to your report users:
Conditional Formatting Button
We've added a few other new options as well:
  • You can display numeric values as progress bars, for example showing project completion percentage as a progress bar
  • You can show a glyph icon such as a checkmark for an order shipped field
  • You can dynamically update column names, for example updating a list report column name to show the date range used in a filter
  • For specifics on how to use this conditional formatting, please see Conditional Formatting Documentation.

    Cascading Tree Report Improvements

    We've significantly improved what you can do with cascading tree reports. Cascading trees are designed to handle data with a parent/child relationship. For example, you can use a cascading tree to visualize the bill of materials for a product, tracing through any number of levels of subassemblies:
    Cascading Tree Image
    Other examples include tasks and subtasks in your project management system or account codes in your accounting system. For more information, see Tree Reports.

    New DEAR Fields

    We've added additional charges for sales orders, as opposed to additional charges for sales invoices, and we've added quote lines.

    New Katana Fields

    We've added product operations to the Katana connection to help you keep track of operations costs with your manufacturing.
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