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inFlow Inventory, SOS Inventory, Forecasting, Inventory History, and more!

We've added new connections to inFlow Inventory and SOS Inventory, forecasting functionality, inventory history reports, and more!

inFlow Inventory and SOS Inventory

We've added new connections to inFlow Inventory and SOS Inventory. Create high level dashboards, forecast inventory, automate sales commission reports, and more!

New Forecasting Functionality

We're still in the process of actively improving this functionality, but we've started adding a variety of new options to help you forecast inventory with Easy Insight:
We've added safety stock calculations to help you calculate reorder points.
You can now configure reorder points and reorder quantities within Easy Insight.
You can calculate and apply monthly seasonality weights as part of your calculations for remaining days of stock.
You can read more about this functionality at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/inventory/forecasting.html. Right now, this functionality is supported for Cin7 Core (DEAR), Cin7 Omni, Katana, Unleashed, inFlow Inventory, and SOS Inventory.
If you need help getting this functionality going for your account or have any feedback around what else you'd like to see, please let us know!

Inventory History Reports

For Cin7 Core (DEAR), Cin7 Omni, and Katana, you can now run inventory history reports to recreate inventory levels at a certain point in time. These reports are particularly useful for accounting and for audit purposes.

Katana Stock Takes and Outsourced Purchase Rows

We've added stock take and outsourced purchase order row data for the Katana connection.

normalizestate function

We've added a new function of 'normalizestate' for cleaning up dirty data in your state or province fields. You can use the function as:
normalizestate([Shipping State])
as an example to clean up the shipping state field. For example, if you have AZ, az, Arizona, and arizona as different values in the data, they'll all be cleaned up into AZ with this function.

Report and Dashboard Folders

We've made some usability tweaks to report and dashboards folders. From your data source page, you can now do 'Create Folder' from the same dropdown as Create Report/Dashboard. We've relabeled the 'Actions' button as 'Move' to make it more clear that it's for moving reports and dashboards to different folders. Finally, we've changed Reorder Folders to be Manage Folders, from which you can rename and delete folders as well as reordering them.

Last Value Row Aggregation

In your list reports, you can now customize the summary row value for a given field to show the last value in the table as its summary row through editing the field, going to the Text tab, and choosing Last Value as the summary aggregation. This setting can be particularly useful for stock reports or for any sort of other cumulative value report.

Time Zone Fixes

When you set an absolute date filter to use a 'Populate From' rolling option or include an absolute date filter's date range in the subject line of an email, time zones for Australia and New Zealand should now be correctly handled.

ClickUp Multi Value Custom Fields

Multi select ClickUp custom fields should now come across with the right values instead of showing internal IDs.
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