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Easy Insight User Interface Changes

We've made several changes to help improve the Easy Insight user interface!


We've added icons to several pages to help make functionality more clear for new users. The main interface, report editor, report view, dashboard editor, and dashboard view all received icons with these changes:
Interface Icon Changes

View from Editor

You'll notice that we changed the Navigate menu from the report or dashboard editor to instead just be a 'View' link that takes you to what was previously called the End User version of the report or dashboard. With this change, it's easier to use what was by far the most common use of the Navigate menu.

Save Change

When you save an existing report or dashboard, it'll immediately save instead of prompting you to name the report or dashboard, simplifying the process. If you need to rename a report or dashboard, you can still do it through Configuration -> Report Properties or Configuration -> Dashboard Properties. You can also reenable the old behavior through Account Settings -> General Account Settings -> Change Notes. If you enable change notes, you have the option of leaving change notes with any report or dashboard edit to help track what you're doing.

Dashboard Icons

We've also started adding icons to prebuilt dashboards, as you can see with the Katana dashboard:
Dashboard Icons
Want to add icons to your own dashboards? You can click on 'Assign Icon' on a dashboard tab from the dashboard editor to assign an icon.
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