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Cin7 Partner Award, Performance Improvements, ClickUp Custom Fields, Takealot, and more!

Cin7 Innovation in Technology Award

We're proud to have repeated our Cin7 Innovation in Technology award at the 2023 Cin7 Partner Summit this year! Whether you use Cin7 Core or Cin7 Omni, we're delivering great business intelligence to take your inventory management to the next level. We're looking forward to continuing to improve and offer new and better functionality to these integrations over the coming months.

Cin7 Innovation Award

Performance Improvements

We'd noticed that some reports were starting to bog down a little at certain times as the system got a little more heavily loaded than usual, so we've made a number of changes to get things running faster. We're still making some further tweaks, but in general, reports and dashboards should load faster now.

ClickUp Custom Fields

You can now configure which custom fields Easy Insight pulls into your ClickUp data source. From your ClickUp data source, go to Configuration -> ClickUp Custom Fields. The screen will show all possible custom fields. You can choose the field type and enable fields to come across in the ClickUp Task Calculations folder.


If you're a South African business selling on Takealot as one of your e-commerce channels, you can now pull that data over into Easy Insight. Pull over sales, stock, and product listings to combine with your inventory data.

What's Coming?

We have a large list of enhancements that will be coming in the next few weeks:

  • Enhancements to uploading Excel/CSV data, in particular around updating certain records as you upload new data instead of simply replacing or appending
  • Lots of forecasting enhancements, including raising purchase orders directly from Easy Insight and two way integrations on reorder points
  • Major enhancements to trend grids
  • Easier direct integrations of e-commerce and CRM data with your inventory data
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