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Goals, Katana Recipes and Manufacturing, Drillthrough Changes, and more!

We've added a first version of goals, recipes and manufacturing to our Katana integration, and enhancements to drillthroughs.


You can now set up goals on your data sources in Easy Insight and automatically apply the goals to many of your report types such as gauges and charts. You can use goals to establish sales goals, target hours for your project team, and more. You can even define goals to automatically apply back and forward in time, so you don't have to manually set goal values for every month. For more information about goals, see https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/reports/goals.html.

Katana Changes

The Katana integration now includes recipes and manufacturing orders. Pulling all of these elements together, you can set up links to SKU specific dashboards:
Clicking to Product Details
In the dashboard below, we've clicked into a particular material to see which products use this material in their manufacturing. You can also include reporting on purchases and manufacturing of the product or material, top customers of the product, and more:
Product Detail Dashboard
You can take advantage of recipes to track how much material you need to meet the sales demand of products, as shown below:
Quantity Built
The manufacturing order data includes the orders themselves and their operations. New prebuilt reports help you to look at planned vs. actual times per operation, cost breakdowns of orders, open manufacturing orders, and more.
If you need help with setting up these reports on your existing installation, please reach out and we'll be happy to help.

Drillthrough Changes

You can now use the 'Add Field to Target Report' option in drillthroughs to create more sophisticated drillthroughs. For example, you can set up a column chart showing month over month data. From there, you can click on quantity sold, sale amount, or gross income and have the column chart automatically update its measure accordingly. For more information, see Linking Reports.
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