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Configuring Goals

You can configure goals on your data sources. These goals can automatically be applied across several of the report types within Easy Insight. To set up goals, go to the data source you want to set up goals for, click on Custom Fields, and click on Goals:

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First, you'll need to give your goal source a name. Right now, we only support goals at a month level. We'll be adding year, quarter, week, and day soon.

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You can choose to back fill data and/or forward fill data for your goals. If enabled, Easy Insight will take the earliest date with data and backfill from there, and take the latest data with data and forward fill from there.

You can define your goals across all of your data, or you can choose different goals per grouping value. For example, you could set up a different goal for each sales channel or sales person.

You'll need to define at least one actual goal by clicking on Add Goal. You'll need to give the goal a name, choose the associated measure, and choose the date field for the goal. For example, you might choose Order Total as the measure and Order Date as the date.

Finally, you can choose to automatically populate goals based on historical data. Easy Insight will use the last three months of data to populate goals. Once configured, click Save and you'll be redirected to a two way report for editing the goal values:

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This report will only show the configured values, not any back or forward fill data. You can click on 'Add Goals' to add data for more months:

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Using Goals

Right now, you can use your goals with column charts, stacked column charts, gauges, and month over month tables. To automatically apply the goal, click on Configuration -> Report Properties, go to Report Processing, scroll to the bottom and toggle 'Automatically Apply Goals' to on:

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You'll need to have the measure and the date in the report in some capacity for the goal to work. With a column or stacked column chart, you'll need the goal date to be the X Axis on the chart. For a gauge, you'll need a date filter on the goal date. For a month over month table, the goal date needs to be the table date.

Column chart with goal example:

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Gauge with goal example:

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Month over month table with goal example:

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