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Exporting Reports

Exporting Reports:

You can export reports from Easy Insight into a wide variety of formats. From the report editor or end user view, you can click on the Export button to pull up a window with the various export options.

  • Export to Excel will generate an Excel spreadsheet based on the report. If the report is not a tabular type of report such as a List or Crosstab, the report will be translated as a List report (chart reports won't export to Excel as charts).
  • Export to PDF will generate a PDF document based on the report.
  • Export to PNG will generate a PNG image of the report.
  • Email will send an email with the report attached as an Excel, PDF, or PNG attachment.
  • Scheduling provides you with a convenience link to the Scheduling page for the report. Please see the Scheduling documentation for more information.
  • Embed Report into Website provides you with a window for embedding the report into external systems via iframe. Please see the Embedding documentation for more information.
  • JSON API to Report provides you with a link to the JSON API for report results. For example, you might define a report inside of Easy Insight and then consume the report in JSON format through your own code to present the results in your application's native interface.
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