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Exporting Reports

Exporting Reports:

You can export reports from Easy Insight into a wide variety of formats. From the report editor or end user view, you can click on the Export button to pull up a window with the various export options.

  • Export to Excel will generate an Excel spreadsheet based on the report. If the report is not a tabular type of report such as a List or Crosstab, the report will be translated as a List report (chart reports won't export to Excel as charts).
  • Export to PDF will generate a PDF document based on the report.
  • Export to PNG will generate a PNG image of the report.
  • Email will send an email with the report attached as an Excel, PDF, or PNG attachment.
  • Scheduling provides you with a convenience link to the Scheduling page for the report. Please see the Scheduling documentation for more information.
  • Embed Report into Website provides you with a window for embedding the report into external systems via iframe. Please see the Embedding documentation for more information.
  • JSON API to Report provides you with a link to the JSON API for report results. For example, you might define a report inside of Easy Insight and then consume the report in JSON format through your own code to present the results in your application's native interface.
Exporting to Google Sheets:

You can export list reports to Google Sheets. In order to export to Google Sheets, you need to follow a series of setup steps:

First, take your list report and export it to Excel. Import the exported data into a new sheet on Google Sheets.

Next, create a connection through the Connections page in Easy Insight to the new sheet, using the Google Sheets connection.

With the connection created, return to your list report. Click on Configuration -> Report Properties and go to the Google tab. Enable Google Sheets export and choose the Google Sheets data source you just created as the target. Save, and save the report itself.

After completing these steps, you can export your report to Google Sheets from the editor, the report view, and set up scheduled exports of the report through Scheduling.

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