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Custom Fields

Starting with Custom Fields:

You can add custom fields to your reports by clicking on the Custom Field menu. Choose "Create Custom Measure" to create a custom number, "Create Custom Grouping" to create a custom text field, or "Create Custom Date" to create a custom date:

Conditional Formatting Chart

Once in the custom field editor, you'll first need to give the custom field a name.

After giving the field a name, you need to create a calculation for the custom field. For example, you might create a weighted value by doing Deal Size multipled by Deal Probability, as in the example below:

Conditional Formatting Chart

You can drag fields from the lefthand field tree into the calculation area to simplify things. Highlighting below the calculation area will show possible errors in red to help you track down syntax problems.

After you click on Save to create the calculation, the new field will be available under Report Custom Fields. You can add it to your report like any other field at this point.

Conditional Formatting Chart

For more information on the scripting language used in creating calculations, please look at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/scripting/scripting_concepts.html for concepts and examples. The other scripting sections include reference documentation for the various functions available to you.

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