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Report Options

Easy Insight has a variety of report options that you can take advantage of:

If this setting is enabled, filters for a given report will persist specific to a user between page and browser reloads. For example, if they change a date range on the report, the same date range will be there when they next reload the report.

If enabled, this will not run when loaded in View or on a dashboard. Instead, it will prompt the user to click a run button before it runs. For reports that take a while to load or which are designed to have filters populated before they run, this button provides a great option to improve the user experience of those reports.

If this setting is enabled, all multi value filters which are set to have a maximum number of selections must have a selection made before the report can run.

If this setting is enabled, the report will not attempt to join any child data sources. For example, if you have a report which is doing a firstvalue([Source1 - Field], [Source2 - Field]) for all of its fields, you can use this setting to avoid any warnings.

If this setting is enabled, the report will not apply data source drillthrough configuration to the fields in the report.

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