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Default Folder Tags, New DEAR Fields and Webinar, and more!

For this month, we've got default folder tags on several of our connections, new DEAR fields, and more!

Field Tags

When building reports, you can now use default folder tags to pare back the list of fields to find what you're looking for:
Folder Tags
We've added these new default tags to DEAR, Katana, Cin7, Unleashed, Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Teamwork. We'll be adding them to other systems throughout this week.

New DEAR Fields and Webinar

If you use DEAR manufacturing, we've added production runs, production run operations and components, and production source tasks to help link your production orders back to sales orders.
Want to learn more about Easy Insight and DEAR? Join our webinar on Thursday, July 7 at 10 AM MST! You can register using this link.

Class Function

We've added a new class function working in the same way as the abc function, but with more options for customization. For example, you might want to group up your top 30% products as AAA, next 20% as AA, next 10% as A, next 10% as B, and remainder as C. Using the class function of:
class([Sales Total], "AAA", .3, "AA", .2, "A", .1, "B", .1, "C")\
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