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Trend Charts

Trend charts provide a combined big number and chart view:

Trend Charts

The chart below plots data on a time basis (month, quarter, etc), while the number at the top shows the sum or average of the data. If the report has a date filter, the chart will automatically calculate a comparison against the preceding time, so if your filter is for the last 90 days, it'll compare against the 90 days prior.

You can choose to show the chart element of the report in either a line or column form by going to Configuration -> Report Properties -> Formatting and changing the report type. You can also apply line or column chart formatting through the Formatting section.

Trend Line Charts

In particular, this report type is geared towards displaying a number of metrics on a dashboard, either by doing a number of different reports for different measures or by doing a dashboard repeater to repeat the same report for a certain filter (showing sales total by sales rep, ticket total by agent, etc).

This report type is also closely tied to our simplified goal functionality. If a goal is configured, the goal line will show on this report:

Trend Chart with Goal

For more information about simple goals, see Goals.

By going to Configuration -> Report Properties -> Formatting, you can customize the following settings:

  • High Values are Good -- for the trend comparison, are high values good or bad?
  • Chart Type -- whether to show a column or line chart
  • Major Font Size -- the font size to use for the trend number
  • Minor Font Size -- the font size to use for the trend percentage
  • Hide Axes -- should the chart axes be shown in a stripped down version to maximize screen real estate?
  • Hide Chart Labels -- should the chart value labels be shown?
  • Fill in Zero Points -- for intermediate date points with no data, should a zero point be shown?
  • Line Segment -- should the line be shown as a straight line or as a curved line?
  • Line Stroke Width (pixels) -- how many pixels wide should be the chart line be?
  • Point Size (pixels) -- for each data point on the line, what size of point should be drawn?
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