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Sankey Diagrams

Sankey diagrams help you to see the relative flow of a value as it goes across multiple systems or stages. For example, you can look at your order volume going through multiple storefront services, break it out by 3PL and your own fulfillment systems, and look at the amount fulfilled by each end system as in the example below:

Easy Insight provides two types of sankey diagrams. For the first, you'll need at least two Groupings and one Measure. Each Grouping represents one point in the flow of data, while the Measure is what is calculated as the flow in the diagram:

Sankey Diagram Sample

For the second type, you provide an initial value such as a gross sales total, then each additional measure subtracts from that initial value:

Sankey Diagram Sample
Color Scheme Properties

The following properties are set in the Report Editor -> Additional Configuration -> Edit Properties -> Color Scheme.

  • Color Set: This property determines which color scheme is used in the report. When set to Primary or Secondary, it will use the colors defined in your Account Skin in the Account section of the application. If you set the property to None, you can customize the color scheme for the report.
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