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Point Map Reports

A point map draws a separate point for each row in the data, then consolidates those point based on density into a summary number. As you zoom into the map, points expand out until represented by single markers. You can set up drillthroughs from individual markers to pull up specific information.

You'll need to specify either a latitude and longitude or a postal code (and optionally a country), as well as at least one field to display when someone clicks on a point. If your postal codes are outside of the USA, you'll want to specify country with that additional field.

Point Map Reports Sample
Color Scheme Properties

The following properties are set in the Report Editor -> Additional Configuration -> Edit Properties -> Color Scheme.

  • Color Set: This property determines which color scheme is used in the report. When set to Primary or Secondary, it will use the colors defined in your Account Skin in the Account section of the application. If you set the property to None, you can customize the color scheme for the report.
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