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Bar Reports

A horizontal bar chart displays one or more measures represented by a bar for each value by grouping.

Bar Chart Sample

In the above example, the bar report is displaying the sum of sales by current stage.

Formatting Properties

The following properties are set in the Report Editor -> Configuration -> Report Properties -> Formatting.

  • Chart Sort: Specifies the sort direction used in the chart with options of X-Axis Descending, X-Axis Ascending, Y-Axis Descending, and Y-Axis Ascending.
  • Show Legend: If toggled, a legend will be shown for each measure in the chart.
  • Directional Legend: If toggled, you can choose where to place the legend on the chart.
  • Legend Placement: Allows you to specify where the legend should be placed on the chart.
  • Don't Truncate Headers: If toggled, the chart will show the full value for all groupings down the left hand side instead of cutting off at a certain character length.
  • Variable Height: If toggled, the report height will expand with the number of bars.
  • Label Position: If set to Auto, each column will show its value as a number on top of the column. If set to None, no value will be shown.
  • Font Family: If specified, the custom font configured will be used for rendering the list.
Color Scheme Properties

The following properties are set in the Report Editor -> Additional Configuration -> Edit Properties -> Color Scheme.

  • Color Set: This property determines which color scheme is used in the report. When set to Primary or Secondary, it will use the colors defined in your Account Skin in the Account section of the application. If you set the property to None, you can customize the color scheme for the report.
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