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Custom User Data Sources

We're excited to announce the release of our first major update of 2018. You can now create custom user data sources in Easy Insight! These data sources allow you to seamlessly add or edit data right from your reports. Manage your sales goals right inside of Easy Insight instead of maintaining separate spreadsheets. Extend your project management tool with new fields on projects or tasks. These new sources also allow for more flexible incremental updates from Excel/CSV files, taking and restoring snapshots of older data, setting up true foreign keys to other data sources, setting required fields, and much, much more!
You can create new custom user sources from the Connections page, as well as converting existing flat file (Excel/CSV) data sources and adding new user sources in the same way as you would've done a lookup table before. For more information, we have documentation at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/data_sources/user-data-sources.html and an introduction video at https://youtu.be/ytjEiA8UyNw
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