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Two Way Trello Connections

Using two way connections with Trello, you can add, edit, and delete cards straight from your Easy Insight reports, going across multiple boards in a single report.

Card Name

Two Way Setup

You can edit the card name.

Card Due Date and Due Complete

Two Way Setup

You can change the card due date or mark the card as complete.

Members and Labels

Two Way Setup

You can change members or labels on the card through dropdown lists. The appropriate set of members and labels will appear based on the board.

Add Cards from Reports

Two Way Setup

You can click on a column name and add a card.

Move Cards Between Columns

Two Way Setup

Move your cards between columns from your list, tree, or board reports.

Card Custom Fields

Two Way Setup

You can edit your card custom fields from your reports. Dropdown fields in Trello become dropdown fields in your Easy Insight reports, date fields provide you with date selectors, and so on.

Create Cards Through Integrations

Two Way Setup

You can create cards from your help desk tickets or CRM contacts using integrations.

Bulk Updates

Two Way Setup

You can filter down to the list of cards you want, then make a bulk change to due dates or reassign all cards in the list to a new set of members.