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Two Way Highrise Connections

Using two way connections with Highrise, you can add, edit, and delete companies, contacts, and deals straight from your Easy Insight reports.

Deal, Company, Contact Name and Background

Two Way Setup

You can edit deal, company, and contact names and background info.

Deal Responsible Party and Category

Two Way Setup

You can reassign deals or change them to different categories.

Deal Price Type and Price

Two Way Setup

You can update the price type and price on deals.

Deal, Company, and Contact Custom Fields

Two Way Setup

You can edit your deal, company, and contact custom fields.

Deal Boards

Two Way Setup

Drag your deals across different stages (or any other field) in a board display.

Bulk Updates

Two Way Setup

You can filter down to the list of deals you want, then make a bulk change to custom fields or reassign all deals in the list to a new sales rep.


Two Way Setup

Merge your contacts or deals into your marketing, project management, or support system using integrations.