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Connecting to your Data

Creating a Data Source:
Click Connections. Choose your SaaS provider or data type and follow the steps. Each integration has its own requirements. If your provider uses an API Key or token, such as Highrise or Infusionsoft, you'll need to have that handy. A SaaS system like Basecamp or Constant Contact might redirect you to log-in to grant Easy Insight access to your data, while a database connection will require some configuration to specify exactly how and where Easy Insight should connect. Check out the following sections for more detailed instructions about connecting to your data.
Data Synchronization:

With the vast majority of connections, data from the target system is pulled over into Easy Insight's data warehouse to ensure rapid queries and ad hoc editing can work quickly. When you create the connection, it automatically sets up a nightly refresh using your time zone. You can adjust the time of this refresh from the Scheduling page. You can also trigger an on demand synchronization of the data by clicking on the Refresh Data Source on the Home page or within any report or dashboard view. If your data source and account allow, you can also set up real time refreshes.

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