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Similarity Filters

Similarity filters enable you to find similar records based on one or more measures. In the below example, you could click on a product, then see similar products based on demand in a drillthrough report.

First, you'll typically want to create a drillthrough report with the similarity filter. In this example, we'll add Product Name and Line Quantity to the report:

Next, click on Create Filter, Advanced Options, and Create a Similar Record Filter. In the configuration window as shown below, you'll need to specify what you're comparing and what measures you want to use for the comparison. We'll go ahead and choose Product Name and Line Quantity:

After clicking Create, we get two filters. One is the similarity filter and the other is a multiple value filter with no selections. If you change this filter to a particular product name, the report adjusts to show similar products based on Line Quantity.

We can save this report and set up our drillthrough as the final step. We'll start with a list report that includes Product Name as one of the values.

In this report, we'll click on Product Name -> Edit the Field, go to the Links tab, and configure a drillthrough that goes to our new similar product report. We'll uncheck 'Add All Reports Filters' and 'Include Groupings in Row' since we want the drillthrough to simply show data for the product:

Finally, we can click on a particular product in our report and drill into the similar products:

You can use multiple measures with your similarity filter as well, so you might use Line Quantity, Average Order Quantity, Average Pick Time, or anything else that makes sense.

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