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IP Restrictions

If your account level is Premium, Enterprise, or Unlimited, you can use IP restrictions to control access to your Easy Insight account.

You can access IP restrictions by clicking on your user name in the upper right, going to Account Settings, then clicking on IP Restrictions on the left hand navigation bar.

There are three different options for controlling IP access. You can control access to the general Easy Insight interface, you can control access to the API, and you can control access to public/publicly visible with key reports and dashboards. For example, you might want to put an IP restriction on access to a dashboard that doesn't otherwise require login, or you might want to limit access to the API to a certain IP range.

You can then add IPs in the table below, with a convenience link to add your own. You can use wildcards in IP ranges. For example, 204.201.5.* will include any IP starting with 204.201.5. For each IP range, you can choose whether it has access to the general interface, API, and/or embeds. Remember that unless you have explicitly turned on one of the restrictions above, the setting won't be applied.

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