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DEAR Systems and Xero Business Intelligence Success Story

Easy Insight - Providing the Global Beauty Group with Dashboards Across DEAR, Xero, and Highrise

Prior to its integration with Easy Insight, The Global Beauty Group struggled with the lack of reporting in DEAR Systems, Xero, and Highrise.

“Our business has adversely affected by these problems. We were wasting a lot of time creating and maintaining spreadsheets, which was doubling-up work and we would struggle with accuracy because Excel is great, but when multiple people are entering data, the reliability goes down,” said Vikram Jangra, Financial Controller at The Global Beauty Group. The Global Beauty Group, which sells aesthetic technology and skincare to beauticians as an importer/wholesale distributor, as well as provide training and technical support to Australia and New Zealand, also struggled with reconciling data between DEAR, Xero, and Highrise.

“We had no way to check the invoice and payments synced between Xero and DEAR accurately, which gave us nightmares."

After integrating with Easy Insight, The Global Beauty Group was not only able to combine DEAR, Xero and Highrise data sources, but was able to discover a lot of syncing errors.

Additionally, Easy Insight enabled The Global Beauty Group to combine and share data utilizing a variety of dashboards and pipelines.

“These reports and dashboards have links, which we can share with anyone or schedule the reports/dashboard to go out daily or weekly etc,” Jangra said. “These dashboards are flexible and beautiful. The option to click and review the data, and the option to click on a report, which takes us back to actual SO or PO in DEAR and Xero is fantastic.” Jangra said The Global Business Group can now share Xero reports with the whole team without giving access to financial data.

The ability to customize reports using Easy Insight to highlight specific data metrics has provided The Global Beauty Group critical insights into business trends and team accountability.

“We have created a sales register where we can select dates and other filters like ‘sales rep, products etc.’, a link which can be shared with anyone in the team,” Jangra said. “We have created a live commissions report from Easy Insight and connected it to each sales rep’s dashboard.”

Financials are also easily visualized now with Easy Insight. “As a financial controller, I always struggled to reconcile DEAR invoices and payments to Xero. While invoices sync and amend both ways, payments don't get amended which causes variance between the amount due,” Jangra said. “With Easy Insight, we now have reconciliation between Xero and Dear invoice for peace of mind that both systems have accurate data.”

“Xero invoices have custom fields in Easy Insight, which has innovated our accounts receivable,” Jangra said. “We can assign different invoices to credit controllers and run detailed reports on potential bad debts. We have dashboards for the accounts receivable team now.”

Workflow, progress, and sales targets for individual teams were missing from The Global Beauty Group’s daily data visualizations, Jangra said.

“Easy Insight has helped us grow. After you connect the data, there are so many ways to analyse the data to answer complex questions,” said Jangra. “It has provided critical insights into our business trends, which help us make the correct decisions and holds teams accountable for their actions.”

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