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Improving your Sales Process

Better conversion rates, faster sales cycles, more quotas met. Easy Insight is the affordable and intuitive solution for Highrise reporting. Maintain visibility across all of your sales team's activities. Catch opportunities going unattended before they become lost deals and lost dollars.

Pre-built Reports to Get You Started

As soon as you connect your Easy Insight account, you'll have a rich dashboard of Highrise reports to manage your sales team, historical point in time reporting across your deals, and searchable tables to provide you with detailed deal, contact, and company information in a couple of clicks.

“It [Easy Insight] also hugely improved the view of our daily, weekly, and monthly cashflow performance and forecast,” Panton said. “Immense value for the money for what it gives you. [Easy Insight] is also great for sending out daily email reports based on data that is pulled from Highrise automatically, everyday.”

Extend Your Highrise Reporting With Custom Fields

Need a field like Expected Close or Probability that Highrise doesn't have by default? Easy Insight provides mechanisms to support adding and reporting on these fields. You can even combine your Highrise data with other systems such as Basecamp and FreshBooks.

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