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You can pull data from list reports as JSON. For example, you could use these API calls to facilitate ETL pipeline or display data in an intranet dashboard.

Open up the report you wish to use in the report editor, click on Export, and choose "JSON API to Report".

Data will be returned in a JSON array:

[ {"field1": "A", "field2": "5"}, {"field1": "B", "field2": "10"} ]

If you have filters on the report, you can pass values into the filters as parameters. Edit the filter and put in a value where it asks "What do you want as the filter's internal label?". You can then add parameters to the API using that internal label.

For example, if you have a filter with an internal label of stage and want to ask for Qualified deals, you could pass in:

https://www.easy-insight.com/app/reports/[Report ID]/basic.json?stage=Qualified

And the report will automatically filter to only return Qualified deals.

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