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Improvements to combining data sources

We have several major changes to combined data sources for this week, helping you to more easily create reports and dashboards across different data sources.

Quicker Creation

When you create a new combined data source, you can automatically populate the data source through a setup window. Easy Insight looks for common joins between connections and automatically adds those to the combined source as part of the setup.

Reports and Dashboards

New combined data sources automatically show the reports and dashboards from their individual sources. If you want to take a particular report or dashboard and move it to the combined level so that you can add fields from another source, open the report or dashboard in the editor and do Quick Actions -> Convert to Combined Source. You can save or save a copy, then proceed with adding in those other fields.

Join Tables

Have mismatched data that you need to join together? For example, you might be joining by employee name and have Kevin T in your project management system and Kevin Tillman in your support system. You can define join tables inside of Easy Insight to map records and ensure seamless joins.
For more information on these changes, see our updated documentation at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/data_sources/combining-data-sources.html and check out the new video below covering combining data sources.
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