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Custom Zendesk Reports

Need to build Zendesk reports on any aspect of your ticketing process, from priority and status to any of your custom fields? Easy Insight gives you the ability to create simple lists of tickets, pie charts of ticket scores by requester, line charts of ticket creation over time, and anything else you may want! Ad hoc report creation allows you to drag in fields from any of the key Zendesk subject matters to create the reports you need to manage and optimize your help desk activities. You can apply dynamic filters to restrict the data down to a particular date range, show only deals matching a certain tag, or only open cases.

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Extend and Combine

Whether it's a pie chart showing your ticket scores by priority, a tree giving you a hierarchical report on your tickets, or a simple list of tickets with a variety of optional filters, our rich library of prebuilt reports can help you get a quick start. You can take any of our prebuilt reports and modify them to meet your specific business need, all within a rich web interface designed to be accessible to business users. Build a particularly cool report? You can add it to help others with a single click.

Optimize your Design Work

You can export your reports into Excel, PDFs, PNG, or simple HTML tables. Set up recurring email delivery of reports so that you have the latest update on urgent ticket status waiting in your mailbox every morning. Have Highrise too? Combine your Zendesk and Highrise data to create a single cohesive view of customer and prospect activity.

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