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Custom Trello Reports

Create custom Trello reports and dashboards to keep your projects on track and your customers happy. Take advantage of prebuilt reports to quickly get started. Create personalized, real time Trello dashboards for your team and for your clients. Generate charts, maps, calendars, and more. Send your Trello reports to the rest of your team every morning by email or Slack.

Dashboard of Combined Systems

Extend and Combine

Extend your Trello data with information from spreadsheets or Google Docs. Create dashboards consolidating information from your CRM, support, and financial systems to create a single view of the client and improve customer satisfaction. Want to add a custom priority or time estimate field to your Trello tasks? Create one in Easy Insight and set the values right from your reports.

Optimize your Design Work

Are you a creative agency, tracking design work from requirements to delivery? Take advantage of Easy Insight's process functionality to look at how quickly work is going from step to step, how many jobs are currently in each step, and how often work is repeatedly going through the same step, all in a couple of clicks.

Dashboard of Design Process

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