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Create beautiful project reports and dashboards


Add custom calculations and combine additional web apps

Take Action

Create and update tasks, deals, and tickets right from your reports

Teamwork Reports Made Easy

Create custom reports to keep your projects on track, improve ticket management, and optimize sales. Get started quickly with prebuilt reports.

“The endless filters, groupings, and measures Easy Insight offers has provided us the flexibility to view our project data unlike we have before.”

Teamwork Overview Dashboard

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Create personalized, real time Teamwork dashboards for your team and for your clients. Send your Teamwork reports to the rest of your team every morning by email or Slack.

Teamwork Trends

Teamwork Projects Reports

Track tasks, time, risks, milestones, and more across your projects. Visualize your team's workload to figure out what needs to be reassigned. Measure utilization and billable time per team member to ensure that your team is doing the work that will get you paid.

Teamwork Projects Dashboard

Teamwork Desk Reports

Drive higher customer satisfaction and meet SLAs with custom reports and dashboards on your Teamwork Desk data. Measure and continuously improve response and resolution times, customer happiness ratings, and ticket flow.

Teamwork Desk Dashboard

Teamwork CRM Reports

Visualize your pipeline to make sure you aren't missing key opportunities. Track and improve your close times, win rates, average deal size, and more.

Teamwork CRM Dashboard

Two Way Reports to Improve Productivity

Improve your productivity by updating your Teamwork data directly from your reports. Make changes to tasks across multiple projects in a single screen. Drill into a list of tickets from a chart of agent performance and reassign tickets. Update deals right from sales dashboards.

Two Way Editing Sample

Integrate and Automate

Reassign all tasks across multiple projects in a couple of clicks. Use integrations to click on a ticket in Teamwork Desk and create a task in your Teamwork Projects. Combine your sales, support, and project systems into a single dashboard.

Integration Sample
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