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Keep an Eye on your Sales Pipeline

Enhance the power of Salesforce by creating beautiful charts and visualizations. The full power of enterprise business intelligence is yours for the taking, all delivered with incredible ease of use. Easy Insight allows creation of powerful visualizations and segmentation, to see growth of a pipeline stage over time, or watch growth of sold deals from a given salesperson. Adjustable filters allow multiple views of a given report, and visualizations make it easy to drill in to see a breakdown of a specific stage of the pipeline.

View Marketing Campaign Results

Sales information is useful on its own, but by combining it with marketing campaign information you get a complete understanding of your marketing process. Tag different sales leads to associate them with marketing campaigns, import the marketing campaign information via another connection (such as a MySQL connection or an Excel Spreadsheet), and quickly segment sales based on the marketing campaign they came from or the cost of the campaign. Using this information you can improve your marketing process to improve your marketing ROI.

Quickly See Your Whole Sales/Marketing View

While you can combine your CRM data with marketing data to get detailed information on specific marketing campaigns, it only incorporates campaigns and the sales associated with them. Most marketing involves improving web site traffic via both improving search engine rankings for specific keywords and simply increasing traffic via external links. By creating KPIs for your Salesforce sales data, and adding them to a goal tree along with KPIs for increased traffic and your target marketing costs, you quickly find trouble points inside of marketing, and can focus on those areas.

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