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QuickBase Business Intelligence Made Easy.

Business Intelligence on QuickBase

Easy Insight gives you full business intelligence power on top of your QuickBase applications without the time and cost of traditional BI vendors. Beautiful executive dashboards can drill down into detailed pivot tables and grids of the actionable data. A wide variety of robust filters make it easy to slice and dice your way to answers.

Process Visualization

Build out visualizations across your business data to track volume, velocity, and errors across the different steps in the process. Identify bottlenecks in the process--are you losing dollars because orders are holding up at a key step?

Combine Your QuickBase Data With Other Systems

Easy Insight can pull in QuickBase archive tables or other systems in your enterprise to create unified dashboards, giving your CXOs the necessary visibility to drive continuous business improvement.

Consultants to Ensure Success

We recommend Advantage Integrated Solutions as our preferred consulting partner for Easy Insight on QuickBase--they're a proven team with extensive experience on using both Easy Insight and QuickBase.

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